Small ideas can make Metro greater.

The MetroGreater contest has ended, and the winning idea is...

Compass rose decals at station exits

Congratulations to our winner, Robert B. of Falls Church, VA! Read more about his idea.

The finalists

The public chose this winner from among ten terrific finalists. The MetroGreater jury selected these finalists out of over 1,300 submissions to improve the rider experience on Metrorail, Metrobus, or MetroAccess. Eligible ideas were ones that Metro could implement in six months or less and for no more than $100,000.

Greater Greater Washington and WMATA narrowed them down to 76 eligible semifinalists; the jury then chose these 10 finalists and 12 honorable mentions.

The finalists were:

The voting

When casting a vote, people were able to rank as many choices as they wanted. We then picked the winner using Ranked Choice Voting, also known as Instant Runoff Voting. This system eliminates the lowest vote getter, one by one, and re-apportions each vote to that voter's next highest choice still in the running, until one gets a majority. See how the voting went below:

What's next

We'll be working with WMATA over the next six months to ensure this idea gets implemented. We also will encourage Metro to consider the other nine worthy ideas for future implementation. Stay tuned here and on Greater Greater Washington for more updates!