Small ideas can make Metro greater.

The MetroGreater jury has selected a set of terrific ideas as finalists in our contest! Below are the ideas. Peruse them, then cast your vote before 11:59 pm on Friday, August 26 using the form below. (Note: We have changed the titles of some of the ideas to make them clearer.) You can also comment on the ideas at the individual idea page.

People submitted over 1,300 ideas to improve the rider experience on Metrorail, Metrobus, or MetroAccess. Eligible ideas are ones that Metro could implement in six months or less and for no more than $100,000. Greater Greater Washington and WMATA narrowed them down to 76 eligible semifinalists; the jury then chose these 10 finalists and 12 honorable mentions.

Vote for your favorite ideas here. You can rank as many as you want; we will choose a winner using the Instant Runoff Voting method. The order of ideas is randomized for each person.

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