Small ideas can make Metro greater.

Pilot LED lights at Union Station

Union Station, the busiest station in Metro is unusually dark. And lighting metro costs a lot of money.

LEDs offer more flexibility, better color, and significant savings. Try them out there, fast and quick.

LEDs cost less over a lifecycle. Pilot LEDs to rehab the original light fixtures, and test out the flexibility the new ones offer, like dimming for off-peak and night times. Identify ways to keep the reflectors cleaner. Identify ways to get better light levels for reading on the platform.

Replace the red platform LEDs with warm white ones. It's not 1998 anymore.

This project can evolve into a bigger project to overhaul station lighting, and power the lights with direct current, using WMATA real estate and solar system leasing.

Submitted by: Neil F., Washington, DC


Yes, this would improve lots of things: brightness and visibility, long-term maintenance costs, energy use, safety, sustainability, the list goes on and on. This is the one biggest thing Metro can do to improve its image (besides getting the trains to actually run). LED's cost much less than they used to, last almost indefinitely, and can be retrofitted into existing connectors. I cannot believe the system still uses thousands of fluorescent bulbs, many of which are out at any one time, are slow to be replaced, and contain such nasty things as mercury. Time to get into the 21st century.

by Glenn M., Arlington, VA on Aug 12, 2016 11:17 am • linkreport

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