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Wider platforms

Widen the westbound platform at the Gallery/Pl Red Line level all the way to the wall and consider adding Crowd Control Stanchions to separate riders walking down to transfer and riders waiting for the Red Line trains.

Previously, Metro had removed benches to reduce crowding but more is needed here.
Metro was designed with lighted alcoves to keep people away from the wall in order to reduce graffiti. Riders cannont tough the walls of the station as a result. I propose filling in that alcove for 50-100' at the Gallery Pl/Red Line westbound platforms in order to widen the platform at relatively low cost (see attached photo with yellow indicating widened platform area). While it would cover the existing lighting located in alcove, those lights could be moved overhead.
See existing conditions GP-1.jpgand then attached photo with yellow widened platform area.

Submitted by: Zack D., Alexandria, VA


This is a big problem. I wish trains would stop at the back of the platform, here, rather than the front. I think it would reduce the terrible crowding and allow train-enterers and train-exiters to avoid one another more effectively.

by Arlen on Jun 22, 2016 11:29 am • linkreport

I couldn't agree more with this concept. Its currently very dangerous at this station. I think both ideas are relevant here. Expand that portion of the platform and have six car trains stop closer to the end of the transfer point rather than all the way to the front.

by Paul Plasencia on Jun 23, 2016 6:57 am • linkreport

This can't be done for $100K. Further, the reason the station is as it is is because of the Portrait Gallery and other buildings. There simply wasn't much space available in order to build a station.

by guest1 on Jun 27, 2016 10:29 pm • linkreport

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