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make station managers have open windows

Station managers often sit in their station boxes, with closed windows and force you to talk to them through a loudspeaker, making people with troubles automatically feel like they are talking to a loved one in prison, or buying malt liquor at a shady 7-11. Open those windows, and paint the station boxes bright welcoming colors.

If I am at the Wheaton Station, the Station manager (no matter who that is) is always standing out in front of the station box, being super friendly to passersby, saying hello before they go down on an admittedly vertigo inducing escalator. Station boxes are important to station managers becuase they have all the video cameras they need there, but they also are alientating to anyone who needs help, information, or needs to know that metro isnt run by incompetent idiots who just sit in their air conditioned boxes all day. There are probably safety resons to keep them in those boxes, but why not make it more welcoming by painting it a welcoming color, opening up the windows so that people do not have to talk to them through crappy mics, and perhaps making a policy change that they need to stay out of the boxes unless certain protocols are required? Then teach them their jobs are first about welcoming people to the Nation's Capitol, and the best security guardis one that people trust.

Submitted by: Glen B., Silver Spring, MD


Love this suggestion. I think the open window might be an issue if the station box is climate controlled (i'm not sure), but moving away from drab coloring would be a plus throughout the system.

by Kevin D on Jun 22, 2016 2:20 pm • linkreport

This is a great idea, station managers can be so rude and cold when talking through the microphone from their cages.

by Jeff on Jun 27, 2016 4:37 pm • linkreport

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