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Run Escalators with Rationale

Metrorail entrances often have 2-3 escalators. For those with two, it makes sense for them to run one up and one down' nowever, should one not be operational, have the other set to take customers up the escalator. This helps elderly and infirm who typically find it easier to walk down than up. For those with three escalators, run at least one going up. During rush hour, run two in the direction from which most passengers either enter or exit.

This is really a no brainer, and is only necessary to spell out because station managers don't pay attention to when people need the escalators running up or down. So, its basically a training matter. A Metro Center station mngr. once told me they always run 2 escalators up - even during the PM rush just for safety exit purposes. However, there is no consistency and thus no reason to believe this is actually a rule at stations. On 6/22 for the AM rush at the 13th st. exit of Metro Center there was one escalator working - going down. If it actually is a rule, its not well considered.

Submitted by: Larry M., Washington, District of Columbia


Yes, excellent suggestion. I see this every day at L'Enfant Plaza. I've mentioned it to a station manager, and was told the facts were other than what I observed them to be. That is, she said there were more people wanting to go up than down even though the opposite was true. I think station managers live in some kind of bubble.

by John C on Aug 12, 2016 8:04 am • linkreport

I wish this idea had made the top ten. I don't understand why it didn't. I got off the train at PG Plaza one morning and found that the up escalator was turned off and the elevator wasn't working either. The only thing working was the down escalator. Why couldn't they have switched that one working escalator to go up? I'm unable to use the stairs. I had to catch the next train going to College Park and then catch the train coming back to PG Plaza so that I could go up on the other side. That shouldn't have been necessary. I've also been to many other stations where the only working escalator was going down. It doesn't make sense.

by Susan on Aug 26, 2016 3:52 pm • linkreport

Another post: This should have made the top ten instead of the one about trying to force people to use the back door exit on Metro buses. I can't use the back door exits so you would be putting me into a situation where I would have to fight my way out the front door. Metro should have more consideration for the elderly and disabled.

by Susan on Aug 26, 2016 3:58 pm • linkreport

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