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Last Car Overhead Signs

install overhead signs that show where the last car will stop.

I work near Union Station and I often see people with luggage waiting just below the escalator coming down from the Amtrak platforms. You have put markers on the floor saying where the last car is, but how do they know to look for these signs? They don't, so when a 6 car train comes into the station there is a scramble of people with luggage and children trying to get the the train. And overhead sign that flashed showing people where to wait would help not only the tourist but also normal commuters from having to deal with the crush of the people running for the trains. These signs would be helpful at any other station where the ingress puts travelers behind the last car of a 6 car train (such as the woeful Red Line platform heading towards Shady Grove).

Submitted by: Steven H., Arlington, VA


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