Small ideas can make Metro greater.

Keepin' It Clean

The metro experience should be a positive experience for all riders. One way to improve the commuters experience is to improve the cleanliness of the trains. Steam clean the carpets, mop the floors, windex the windows and use strong and pleasant smelling cleaners on the seats are small changes that would put a smile on all commuters faces.

My proposal should not cost additional revenue and could be accomplished well short of six months. The funds could be used as incentive for employees whose responsibility is to keep the trains clean. For example, Metro might offer financial incentives whereby teams (of cleaners) are rewarded for going above and beyond the call of duty in keeping the trains sparkling. To keep it fair, a small (and nimble) jury of judges would determine which teams have done the best job.

The goal of the program would be to help Metro employees gain an appreciation for how important it is to make sure the trains are clean and germ free. It also offers an opportunity to reeducate employees on how to properly clean the trains and the appropriate use of cleaners.

Submitted by: Dane L., Washington, D.C.


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