Small ideas can make Metro greater.

National Leader Adopt A Line

Sponsor 'adoptions' of lines by leading national politicians who by their profession work in and spend significant time in the District. The Paul Ryan Red Line or the Nancy Pelosi Blue Line or the Harry Reid Green Line or the Mitch McConnell Yellow Line would reinforce the importance of the metro to the District's leading 'business' - the Federal government. Special ceremonies could be held with the respective political leader riding their line and calling out the importance of the Metro to all of Washington DC's citizens and as a showcase to those visiting the national capital from other states and around the world.

The focus on the importance of the Metro at the national level could result in greater attention, funding and recognition of the national treasure that it is for visitors to the District domestically and internationally. A clever and humorous campaign could highlight the common ground that national leaders have in maintaining a healthy, thriving Metro system as users of the system and a symbol of the District.

Submitted by: Tom D., New Rochelle, New York


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