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15-minute transit network map in every station

Teach riders to think of the best bus lines as being part of the main regional Metro system, by designing a dedicated system map showing ONLY bus lines that come at least every 15 minutes all day (even off-peak), and displaying it in every rail station.

The existing Metrobus map is pretty good, but it's still pretty cluttered and hard to decipher, and even buses marked with thick red lines often do not have very good off-peak service, especially outside the District. If WMATA gave the 15-minute network a stronger map (and maybe in the future a stronger brand), more riders would memorize where the best bus lines are, the same way riders have memorized the Metrorail system.

Submitted by: Dan M., Washington, DC


...Hey Dan..How about a 10..15..or 20 minute WALK MAP..that show block distance between the nearest transfer point to your station.
...Most of the 11 downtown stations are just nearby tranfer points and only within 3 or 4 blocks.
...If METRO agrees to MY IDEA:ACabPedalLets-SitUsIn..then we all could kiss crowds gudbahye.
...Better still..My other IDEA:MeYouSitGoShare would force a better community in helping our fellow citizens avoid the buses for some much needed excercise...Look me up..READ about it.

by Jame Tillman on Jul 4, 2016 9:47 pm • linkreport

...And speaking of System Maps..How about METRO TRANSIT using the upcoming SILVER-LINE segment completion as an opportunity to "ReDesign" the RailCar Maps to reflect my "inner and outer" loop virtual networks?
...In the meantime(6 months or less)we can use stick-ons of triangles,squares,pictoral-icons,etc to help tourist and visitors orient themselves with what this concept has to offer.
...Outside Community signage along these pathways(funded by ANC or BID)will better help our elderly and disabled...for safety reasons alone.

by Jame Tillman on Jul 21, 2016 6:48 pm • linkreport

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