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Add turnstiles to Columbia Heights Metrorail station

At Columbia Heights Metro Station, reconfigure the turnstiles so that at least two additional turnstiles are added. The current six turnstiles (three in each direction) are often very congested at rush hour.

A similar change was made to Foggy Bottom station about 15 years ago, I believe.

Submitted by: Richard N., Washington, DC


I only rarely go to Columbia Heights myself, but well before this contest, I had picked out this issue as my #1 "canary in the coalmine" indicator of whether the new Metro management is really going to change anything.

In addition to being an obvious safety issue, this is also a business issue. If I have to jostle through a crowd for two minutes just to exit the station, I'm significantly more likely to choose a different mode of transportation for going to Columbia Heights.

Bonus discussion:

by UpConn on Jul 11, 2016 9:29 pm • linkreport

Totally agree Columbia Heights needs two more turnstile gates. Frequently one of the three on the east side is broken, and the throughput of the handicap-accessible one on the west side is less than 1/3rd of a regular one. (But even when they're all working, there are still back-ups.)

Exiting the system in CH is really the main problem. Both in the early morning (pre-9am), and also in the evening (5pm-7pm), there are often lines 40-persons long trying to get out.

Columbia Heights (20010) is *the* densest zip-code in the entire district, and it's really a shame the ingress/egress pathways don't support this.

by Rooster_Ties on Aug 12, 2016 10:17 am • linkreport

I like this idea.

by Susan on Aug 26, 2016 4:18 pm • linkreport

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