Small ideas can make Metro greater.

Metro Instant Carpool

Like Uber or Lyft, riders can register themselves as ride sharers. Use location-based capabilities to match riders with a car and riders seeking a ride.

Commuters who take their own car to and from Metro can register themselves and the region they are willing to service. As they have breakfast, they go 'on service' as await potential riders that match their departure window. And when they board Metro on their way home, the app calculates their expected arrival at their home station and can offer service for rides home. They automatically get paid for rides provided to and from the Metro. The result is more shared rides to and from Metro stations, and less people driving and parking.

Submitted by: Mathew T., Oakton, VA


Uber is actually implementing something that allows uber drivers to pick up passengers 'along their route.' So this idea might not be as useful in the future, when the same can be done already, just through a different source.

by Zach on Jul 20, 2016 12:51 pm • linkreport

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