Small ideas can make Metro greater.

Implement safety measures at stations including in parking structures

Make it difficult for the criminal element to prey on those waiting for buses in the bus bays, for those who exit the metro stations including those who enter the parking structures. Improve Lighting and add prominent security cameras (including signage that informs all who are there about video surveillance) and where useful add fencing to make it more difficult for the criminal element to make a dash after an altercation with a Metro Patron. This is especially important at the bus bays where metro patrons wait for the bus, at the exits out onto the streets and inside the parking structures (especially the stairwells). Pedestrian safety is a serious problem inside the parking garages

My interest is at the Huntington Metro Station but this applies also to other end of the line stations.

Submitted by: Cathy L., Alexandria, VA


...I agree. MeYouSitGoShare...ACabPedalLets-SitUsIn...could help with a volunteer assistance program. PEOPLE WHO CARE..could EASILY..start one.

by Jame Tillman on Jul 21, 2016 12:29 am • linkreport

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