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Safe Areas needed for Pedestrians on Metro property

With increase in transit-oriented development around Metro stations and bus stops metro needs to focus on pedestrian safety: Paint wider crosswalks on roads on metro property (and on local streets where possible) that access the station and the parking areas; install more prominent signage at crosswalks to make pedestrian crossings more obvious to drivers; this will protect pedestrians. Establish and paint pedestrian safe zones and crosswalks (where appropriate) inside garage structures including painting speed limit signage on the ground to improve vehicle management inside parking structures; these areas are unsafe for pedestrians who are walking from their parked cars inside the garage to the station entrances - cars move much too fast as they seek out parking spaces, and drivers sometimes have difficulty seeing pedestrians inside the garages due to poor lighting, marking on the ground pedestrian walk areas, pedestrian crossings will make it clear where the pedestrian safe zones area. Also work with local officials to designate lower speed limit areas, and larger painted crosswalk areas (with pedestrian crosswalks that have extended times to cross the streets around metro stations (perhaps within 0.25 or 0.5 miles) of the station exits including on local main streets and intersections right at the station exits and entrances.

Submitted by: Cathy L., Alexandria, VA


...I agree...MeYouSitGoShare...ACabPedalLets-SitUsIn..could help with a volunteer assistance program..PEOPLE WHO CARE..can rather EASILY start one...or improve on METRO TRANSITS existing model.

by Jame Tillman on Jul 21, 2016 12:32 am • linkreport

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