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Reliable Real-Time Bus Information

Ensure information for bus arrival times is accurate, i.e. BusETA displays an accurate number of minutes before the next bus arrives.

For certain buses (e.g. 96), the time displayed for the next bus is often inaccurate. For example, the time displayed for the next bus shows 2 minutes and the bus is approaching or is already at the bus stop. I have seen bus arrivals that are 2 to 10 minutes earlier than indicated by BusETA. Recently, I saw the time for the next bus change from 6 minutes to 4 minutes to 5 minutes to two minutes. The bus was at the station when 2 minutes was showing as the arrival time of the next bus. When the bus drove away from the stop, the 2-minute time disappeared from the display. So, it seems that arrival time was for the bus at the stop.

Submitted by: Linda R., Washington, District of Columbia


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