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Live Operator Announcements for safety and situational awareness

Train operators should announce stops personally, at least for a portion of their time on duty. This will help them with maintaining situational awareness and mental emergency preparedness.

Too much automation takes the human operator out of the loop and out of practice.

Require making live station announcements to keep operators aware of their location and practiced in using the microphone properly. This will help them stay mentally sharp to better manage emergency or other unusual situations. This will help test the audio system before it's really needed. And it gives a personal touch to the system, which in turn helps keep customers calm and cooperative.

Submitted by: Michael J., Silver Spring, MD


I am not in favor of this unless the announcement is available in text for deaf/hard of hearing, senior citizens who can't hear well, and all background noises inside the cars.

by Dave on Jul 15, 2016 11:51 am • linkreport

Dave: Your concerns need to be addressed, which is precisely the point. Automated announcements sweep the issues you raised under the rug. This then creates an even worse situation when producing ad-hoc announcements during emergency or other anomalous situations.

On a related note, for true emergency situations, operators should ask customers to assist in guiding those who appear to not understand for any reason such as language, disability, or otherwise. Perhaps offering such guidance should be the everyday norm riding culture to include offering aide regarding the routine announcements.

by Mike on Jul 17, 2016 12:24 am • linkreport

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