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QR code scan options or easy buttons to report minor problems to operator or central control

Sometimes there are issues like a hot car, a difficult-to-hear car speaker, an aggressive panhandler, or messes on the train that don't warrant pressing the emergency call box. Have a QR code or other easy button to report this non-emergency issue but still in a timely manner.

The QR code response would then be transmitted to either the metro rail operator and/or to metro central control. This could also be an option for unattended bags or to report an item to lost and found.

Submitted by: Melissa H., Alexandria, Virginia


I'm the original submitter and forgot to mention that this would also be great for things like reporting broken escalators (or two that are going in the same direction), broken farecard machines, and other minor issues. Could also be a "text to" number instead of a QR code or button maybe.

by Melissa on Jul 14, 2016 9:57 pm • linkreport

The QR code should uniquely identify the particular location or asset to which it is attached, and this fact should be emphasized as part of the literature that advocates the public to use the system.

Customers should be offered a timely response confirming problem resolution.

by Mike on Jul 14, 2016 11:40 pm • linkreport

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