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WMATA personnel to acknowledge when customer has problem

Too often I either personally experience or witness WMATA personnel handling minor customer issues poorly. For instance, if I go to the station manager and tell them that my smart trip card says "See station manager," the station manager takes the card, retreats into the station booth, comes out and hands me back the card. There's no acknowledgement that there was a problem, which is frustrating. There are hundreds of other scenarios that this happens in: trains that don't indicate color or destination, confusing fare calculation tables, etc.

Simple responses by a station manager to a customer could be: "Oh, I'm sorry that's happening, let me take a look." "I'm sorry the train doesn't indicate what color it is, it's the yellow train, and let me see if I can contact the train operator to make sure the sign gets put on so others don't have the same problem." "I'm sorry you're having difficulty figuring out how much it'll cost to get to your destination, let me take a look at the fare table with you." "I'm sorry, the last train just left the station. There is a taxi stand outside, or you can try the bus." Simple acknowledgement of problems really goes a long way in making people have a more positive experience on metro!

Submitted by: Melissa H., Alexandria, Virginia


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