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No more pushing!!

Set up rails to force people to line up versus standing in a cluster and pushing to get onto the train.

Set up railings to force people to line up, but the train must stop in front of the rail or the idea is void. This would decrease the experience of pushing and the cluster of people on the platform during rush hours. Even line them up by the train are waiting for.

Submitted by: Tammy W., Waldorf, Waldorf


...Most of this crowding at busy stations(or popular transfer points) can be relieved by "allowing" those going one-stop over to reach a different color-line to Exit(without extra charge) a few blocks and Re-Enter at the nearby transfer point.
...Once the patron/commuter reaches their final stop(and exits that leg/segment of their journey)they would pay(from the start of 2nd entry).
...My an example using 11 stations of 9 pairs(grouped) that fit these criteria..You can also READ about: TaGiSCI..TNTICL(s)..FARE-REST WeALL..and SYB.ORGs to see how this all ties together.

by Jame Tillman on Jul 21, 2016 5:40 pm • linkreport

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