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Traning Cadre of Frequent Riders in Emergency Evacuation

Metro needs to train and drill a cadre of frequent riders—thousands of us, including students, on all lines—how to evacuate trains in case of emergency. The current posters in the trains give instructions, but WHAT is the correct side to exit? WHICH is the electrified rail? HOW to exit tunnels. Trained riders will be able to assist Metro staff during emergencies.

Training should be done under different potential circumstances—including in the dark. Multilingual riders need to be trained to give instructions in different languages. More images should be employed to indicate safety features—rather than written words. Information should be available in multiple languages. Metro DC has many tourists and immigrants.

Can the fire extinguishers be seen in the dark and in smoky conditions? Can glow tape mark the way to the doors with arrows?

I am grateful that Mr. Wiedefeld has taken the courageous decision to make long delayed critical repairs to the Metro system and that his focus is on the safety of the system. Thank you!

Submitted by: Rose E., Alexandria, VA


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