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Move astronaut at L'Enfant Plaza to Air&Space exit

Move the large astronaut on the wall above an exit at L'Enfant Plaza to the 7th&Maryland exit, the closest to the Air&Space museum.

Currently there is a large astronaut on the wall over an exit at L'Enfant Plaza. It is not currently over the closest exit to the Air&Space museum and thus causes a lot of tourists to take the wrong exit. I also suggest increasing signage for the Smithsonian museums in general. I'd support even floor decals during the spring / summer months.

Submitted by: Duncan M., Washington, DC


Fun fact 1: For added confusion, there are actually two astronauts, on opposite exits (which are somehow both labeled something like "to L'Enfant Plaza"), neither of which is the Maryland Ave. exit.
Fun fact 2: The "astronauts" are actually dogs -

by UpConn on Jul 15, 2016 9:29 pm • linkreport

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