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Avoid bus convoys by inbound stop skipping

Have inbound buses skip alternate stops for pick ups. For example, S2 and S4 buses could pick up passengers at alternate stops other than transfer points, to avoid bus bunching.

On busy inbound routes, buses often bunch up leaving a long gap until the next bunch of buses arrive. This happens because the first bus stops to pick up passengers, while the following bus, a few minutes later, goes right past the stop since no one new has arrived. Eventually, the two buses end up next to each other, while the following bus is long behind. If successive buses were designated to skip some non-transfer stops this could be avoided. For example, inbound S2 and S4 buses could pick up passengers only at alternate stops other than transfer stops and S9 stops. Bus timing and loads could be kept more even.

Submitted by: Dave R., Corvallis, OR


Echo. Metrobus shouldn't be the poor stepchild of the system. It is easier and cheaper to implement Express buses, pay-before-you-enter, bus-on-shoulder in suburbs and other "smart bus" approaches on heavy routes than Metrorail improvements.

by John E on Jul 15, 2016 10:45 pm • linkreport

That's a catch-22. You've solved one problem, but created another. Instead of every stop having 3 routes (from Military on down), you've now limited service and will cause more stop-skipping because there will be more time for people to gather at a stop, causing there to be a larger influx of passengers earlier on than it should be.

by Porter C. on Jul 18, 2016 9:18 am • linkreport

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