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Realign Chinatown Trains

6-car Red line trains heading towards Shady Grove should stop so the rear car is flush with the end of the platform (at Gallery Place/Chinatown station). As it is now, the trains pulls all the way in so the front car is flush with the end of the platform.

Having the rear car flush with the end of the platform would allow people to walk more safely on the platform because there would not be a large section of open track near the down escalators. Often times, people on the platform do not know that a 6-car train will not service that part of the track, so they run to the last car. This large group of people running to get on the last car blocks those people who are exiting the car from being able to walk down the platform. Crowded conditions like this are inefficient and could easily result in someone falling on the tracks.

Submitted by: John L., Washington, DC


This has always bothered me. I think because of the station layout, it crowds the last car going west and first car going east on the res line, because many regular riders know that these cars are closest to the escalators for yellow/green transfer as well as the exits in that direction. I get why they changed to stopping at the end always due to past incidents of missing the back of the train, but this station needs something to alleviate the crowding that takes place on this one spot. The rest of the station is usually busy, but not as packed or hectic as the portion at the east end of the red platform.

by Zach on Jul 20, 2016 12:41 pm • linkreport

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