Small ideas can make Metro greater.

Substantially increase the amount co-work space found at key federal agency locations

To relieve strain on the system, partner with GSA and federal agencies to create (house and accommodate) more co-work space that may be available to non-agency federal employees and their well-established partners/contractors. This would require an additional security vetting process, but as a simple example, the idea would allow a HUD employee (or long-established contractor)who lived in Sterling to work at the FHWA (in Sterling, VA) on occasion.

Telework is a great idea when employees can honestly self-regulate. My past experience as a federal employee who resided and worked in Washington, DC proved time and again that telework was another way not "not to work." The co-work space can help (not completely) these productivity issues. Additionally, by providing additional co-work space you are laying the foundation to help transition the federal workforce into the shared-economy. Investment in the facility and infrastructure has already occurred and the marginal cost of better utilization of these federal assets is small in comparison. The opportunity for sharing of ideas create important synergy. For example (and using my example above), having HUD and FHWA employees co-mingle in workspace can help evolve the policy and programs discussion related to "livable communities."

Submitted by: Brian S., San Ramon (past federal employee in Washington, DC), California


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