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Update and add flashing signage at transfer stations

Update existing flashing signage at transfer stations where lines branch off from each other (i.e. L'Enfant Plaza, Rosslyn, Pentagon) and add new signage at East Falls Church since this station does not any in order to keep up with the current system map.

At transfer stations where lines branch off from each other such as L'Enfant Plaza with the Green and Yellow Line in the direction of Branch Ave and Huntington, there is a color-coded sign towards the end of the platform that has two station names in black lettering surrounded by a specific color indicating the terminal station of a line. When a train arrives on that side of the platform, not only will the circular lights on the platform flash, but the signage will also flash a certain color depending on what line is approaching the station. For example, at L'Enfant Plaza, if a Green Line train to Brach Ave is arriving, then the part of the sign that says Branch Ave in black lettering will flash green, and vice versa for a Yellow Line train bound for Huntington. Besides being at L'Enfant Plaza, these signs are also present at Rosslyn, Pentagon, King St-Old Town, and Stadium-Armory. With the Silver Line and rush hour service for the Yellow Line now added to the system, these sign are now outdated with the current system map in mind and must be updated and replaced. At Rosslyn and Stadium-Armory, these signs must be updated to include the Silver Line (Wiehle-Reston East at Rosslyn [Asburn when the second phase of the line is complete by 2020] and Largo Town Center at Stadium-Armory both in a gray color), and at Pentagon, King St-Old Town, and L'Enfant Plaza, these signs must be updated to include Yellow Line rush hour as indicated by yellow dashes on the system map (Fraconia-Springfield at L'Enfant Plaza and King St-Old Town, and Greenbelt at Pentagon). As well as these signs getting updated, new signage must be added to the East Falls Church station to indicate the branching of the Orange and Silver Lines (Vienna for the Orange Line in orange and Wiehle-Reston East for the Silver Line in gray [Asburn in the future]). The reason for this being is because the existing signs at the other stations were around well before East Falls Church became a transfer station.

Submitted by: Mark K., Madison, Wisconsin


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