Small ideas can make Metro greater.

Metro Improves Signage

Metro plans to make it easier for riders to find the right exits. Better signage will go up that will clearly be visible, pointing riders in the right direction.

All too often, I see tourists get off at Smithsonian Metro station, not knowing which exit to take. The same situation is true for other Metro stations that I frequently use. One must hunt for proper exit signs, which are not always there or even visible. For example, when I step out of a car, I often find it quite difficult to figure out which exit to take. This often leads me to mistakenly take the wrong exit, putting me on the other side of the street. I think it would be extremely helpful if Metro employees would find volunteers who are not familiar with the system, and follow them to their destination. Watching these volunteers figure out where to go after stepping out of a car might help Metro make changes to their signage. This is low hanging fruit and would make a positive change to the Metro experience.

Submitted by: Billy C., Washington, DC


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