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Remove pylons that cause obstructions at top and bottom of Metro escalators

At some stations, Union Station for example, there is a pylon with the station name on it on the platform immediately at the base of the escalator. These obstructions can cause a dangerous backup at the base of the escalator as individuals and groups unfamiliar with the system stop and those behind them have no where to go.

It happens all of the time, a group of people, maybe a family, visitors to our city, get to the bottom of an escalator on a Metro platform and just stop. Maybe they are stunned by the simplistic beauty of Metro or maybe they don't know where to go, but in either case those coming down the escalator behind them have no where to go.

I suggest removing all pylons within 25 feet of an escalator. That not only would give individuals and groups who feel inclined to stop at the base of an escalator a place to stand, but would also give additional room for others to walk around the people and avoid a collision.

Submitted by: Raymond A., Silver Spring, Maryland


+1. Might impact lighting (since those pylons have upward facing lights on them) but could help greatly with traffic flow.

by +1 on Jul 17, 2016 9:39 am • linkreport

One of these pylons in Union Station even has a fence connecting it to the escalator's center barrier, which makes things even worse.

by 20002ist on Jul 22, 2016 4:35 pm • linkreport

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