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Modify existing elevators to include prerecorded voice announcements (female voice)

Modify any existing elevators in the Metrorail system to include prerecorded voice announcements (female voice) that do not already have this feature equipped. This even includes implementing them into elevators at any future station as well.

Some (but not all) elevators in the Metrorail system are equipped with prerecorded voice announcements in the form of a female voice. Here is a common scenario with this feature: if you push the button to use an elevator the doors will open and if no one happens to be on it, the voice announcement will play out as follows "Welcome to the (station name) station. Please give priorities to seniors and persons with disabilities before using this elevator. Thank you. Going up/down." The elevator will proceed to go either up or down. As soon as the elevator finishes its ascent or decent, the prerecorded announcement will either say "Train Level", "Mezzanine Level" or "Street Level" if the station happens to be underground, followed by a complementary message "Thank you for using the Metrorail with the elevator doors opening to let people on or off. The purpose of this idea is to expand safety and general information to others throughout the system.

Submitted by: Mark K., Madison, Wisconsin


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