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Tourist Trapped No More

Too often, tourists come on the Metro and are confused: they don't know where to go or how the fare system works. Metro should develop standardized and fun placards at stations, beginning with the top stations for tourists, to help them get on and around.

Everyone has been there when tourists get on Metrorail and are totally lost. They don't understand the fare system, they distract the station manager from helping you when your SmarTrip won't let you in, and they stand on the left on the escalator. Some stations have posted ad hoc rules and there is the pocket Metrorail guide. What would be best are fun, engaging placards that are large and near the station entrance. They would list out the 5 things you need to know to ride the Metro and provide eye-catching graphics to catch the eye of the wandering visitor to our fair city.

Submitted by: Drew M., Bethesda, MD


Metrogreater volunteers should crowd source design this

by Mike on Jul 15, 2016 10:05 pm • linkreport

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