Small ideas can make Metro greater.

I'm a Visual Person. Show me a map.

A large Metro map at the entrance (before turnstiles) of each station which has lightbulbs at each station that will light up to notify of Metro station alerts.

A large ad sized Metro map at each station to alert riders of issues at each station (nobody really pays attention to the scrolling maps that alert of train arrivals, except when checking for train arrivals). The whole map can be a regular print out (an LCD screen would be ideal, but we're on a budget), but each station has a small light bulb. If there are any alerts pertaining to a specific station, it will light up. If multiple colors are available, there can be a legend for different issues (i.e. delays, elevator outage, shutdowns) Passengers can then be directed to the other scrolling screens already at the station which will detail the Metro alert. Scrolling messages take a while before they repeat, but a quick look at the map will let passengers instantly know if they need to be concerned or if they're good to go. Maps should be placed before the turnstiles so that passengers will have the option of not boarding at the station and finding an alternate route.

Submitted by: Erica C., Arlington, VA


I get where you're coming from with this, but in today's times, most people have smartphones that can easily perform this same function. Follow Twitter feeds or download apps to see the information you're asking for. It is readily available. It might be nice/more convenient to have it posted at a station entrance, but it's certainly not necessary.

by Seth on Jul 19, 2016 12:30 pm • linkreport

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