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SmackTracked - Metro Gets the Last Word on Social Media

Take back control of the social media conversation and overwhelm every negative comment with an immediate retort. Metro can go head to head with ever hater, come back with a smart retort to every mention, and most of all, gain respect.

This project can be executed by appointing a dedicated Metro media "troll" who will scour the Internet seeking out negative comments about Metro in the darkest corners of the digital space and rebutting them immediately. Metro can change the social conversation space by constantly reminding everyone how lucky they are even to have a metro, and how they would be walking in the rain without a train. The name of the campaign will be #SmackTracked or #Metrotalksback. After the first year of launch, they will be able to maintain the talk-back in house.

Submitted by: Amanda W., Washington, DC, DC


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