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Remove padded seats in future railcar designs

WMATA was smart to remove carpet from the 7K series, but there are still padded seats. WMATA should follow the design ideas of other mass transit agencies like MTA/NYC and Chicago's L-train and not require padded seats in future railcar designs. (If there is a design in progress at this time, recommend WMATA issue a change order modification to eliminate the requirement for padded seats immediately!) It's wasteful and is an added cost for upkeep to replace them. (I worked at WMATA, so I know a thing or two about having to buy new pads for the railcar seats. LOL) And WMATA cannot afford any frivolent costs for maintenance.

Submitted by: Debbie L., Washington, District of Columbia


Your complaint against padded seats is what, exactly? Not to mention, CTA faced heavy backlash for the lack of some form of padding and the bench seating on the 7000s, so probably not a good example.

by Porter C. on Jul 18, 2016 9:08 am • linkreport

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